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Sean Green
4 min readJan 6, 2021

Okay now — ready?
May they continuously bubble forth: The (first) words of my love/creation journal…

These are the first words of my journal on my creative journey. From now on, I want to reflect and share my process and creations with you regularly…

The first words are essential. As in a song, the first line sets the mood, establishes the topic, and points the way. The rest of the song is a consequence of this initial spark.

So let’s take a closer look at these crucial first words, shall we?


Love wants to create. It is the unseen source and the rising expression. Love wants to bring forth and manifest that which it loves from out of the emptiness, the no-thingness. First, it’s a spark, then an idea and then it grows and takes shape. And when the fruit is ripe it will be birthed, made visible to create more love and joy.

This is not romantic and passive love I’m talking about — a love that either “happens to you” or not. It’s not a “falling in love”. It’s not about seeing the visible, sensing the bodily, and feeling good in this appreciation.

I’m talking about Love with a capital “L” — the kind of love, that creates that which it loves from itself, that rises up and shapes the forms of life. It is the Life Force itself.

We’re constantly loving and constantly creating. Only maybe we’re not quite conscious of this…

I need to create that which I love and I want to share this experience and process with you. I’ve been working in my quiet, dusty chamber for long enough! It’s time to risk more, to set up my easel in the middle of the field, underneath the blue sky, and start painting out there, where all eyes can see me.

okay now — ready?

When is one ever ready to start creating or to show one’s creations? There always seems to be a “good” reason for not putting myself and my creations out there, for all to see. Fearful resistance takes many shapes!

I want to break the grasp of resistance’s cold hands by showing up regularly and shining the warm light of love-attention on myself, my creations, and the act of creating.

To shine the loving light of awareness, I will use whatever torch I have at hand, at any given moment: Written or spoken words; moving or still pictures; and the vibration called music.

may they continuously bubble forth: the first words.

This is my form of invoking the muse. I wish that the words of my creation will bubble forth, spontaneously, and unobstructed. And I wish that they will continue to do so.

And may these words be fresh and new — from moment to moment. May they (and I) not stagnate. I want to have the beginner’s mMind. Ever open, ever daring, and ready.

Homer started his “Odyssey” with the following invocation:

O divine Poesy, Goddess-Daughter of Zeus. Sustain for me this song. […] Make the tale live for us in all its many bearings o Muse.

This man knew what he was talking about! He didn’t ask for amazing results, just that the muse (poesy) may “sustain this song” — meaning that she would support him in sticking it through, in keeping at it.

I want that too. I wish that I will be able to keep at it. Keep writing. Keep making music. Keep loving. Keep creating.

And then Homer asks that “the tale live for us”. He wanted the tale to come alive, separate from himself as a person. And surely he accomplished that…

Now. I’m no Homer. And I’m not writing “the” Odyssey here. But this is the start of my own very own Odyssey — my journey across the deep ocean of creation.

I expect (and am ready for):

  • the excitement of the strong winds of creation;
  • the rush of the dangerous night storms of destruction;
  • the agitating lull of the twilight zone of stagnation;
    and then:
  • the respite of calm days of good progress with clear sight
    – all the way to the horizon

Do you want to come aboard and join my creation/journey?

the topic.

Okay. You may ask: What is this all about? All this talk of Love and Creation? What’s he mean, really?

Here’s my field, my domain of creation:
I love making music and I love writing — songs, stories, poems. And I love singing and speaking.

I’m currently working on music. I am writing songs. I want to record them and play live — when the time is ripe. I’m working on my writing in general — studying language, songwriting, poetry… And I’m studying the act of creation itself. And all that stands in the way. And finally: I’m watching myself doing all that.

That’s what I am here to witness and report.
And I hope (if the muse be willing), that I’ll manage journal and share with you regularly…

Love, Sean.

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