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Love wants to create. It is the unseen source and the rising expression. Love wants to bring forth and manifest that which it loves from out of the emptiness, the no-thingness. First, it’s a spark, then an idea and then it grows and takes shape. And when the fruit is ripe it will be birthed, made visible to create more love and joy.

okay now — ready?

When is one ever ready to start creating or to show one’s creations? There always seems to be a “good” reason for not putting myself and my creations out there, for all to see. Fearful resistance takes many shapes!

may they continuously bubble forth: the first words.

This is my form of invoking the muse. I wish that the words of my creation will bubble forth, spontaneously, and unobstructed. And I wish that they will continue to do so.

  • the excitement of the strong winds of creation;
  • the rush of the dangerous night storms of destruction;
  • the agitating lull of the twilight zone of stagnation;
    and then:
  • the respite of calm days of good progress with clear sight
    – all the way to the horizon

the topic.

Okay. You may ask: What is this all about? All this talk of Love and Creation? What’s he mean, really?



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Sean Green

I’m a Meditation Teacher, Musician, Hypnosis Coach and Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate.